Split Screen Happy Eyes

Split Screen Happy Eyes

Split Screen Happy Eyes

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Fits all VW Splitscreen Vans

This high quality windscreen cover comes in either black with Blue eyes or Grey with Blue eyes. Quick and very easy to fit this cover also comes complete with storage bag.

All Buseyes wrap round screen covers are hand stitched, they come in either Black or Grey as standard or you can design your own and choose from a wide colour range. They also come in a range of expressions, Happy, Wonky and Angry for all Volkswagen Split screen, Bay window, Type 25, T4, T5 and T6 transporter vans plus also made for Bugs as well.

Ideal for when your camping they are quick and very easy to fit, they also come with their own bag for easy storage.


When ordering please let us know if:

External Sun Visor Fitted: No/Yes
Truck Mirrors Fitted: No/Yes

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