Tall Boy Bus Shifters

Tall Boy Bus Shifters!!

Installs in less than 10 minutes! These awesome short-throw Tall Boy Bus Shifters are one of the best things you can do to upgrade the drive-ability of your type 2.

Shifting is a snap and no more reverse lockout fiddling with the upgraded floor plate. The nice tall height that is at the right arms reach gets you quickly changing gears and changing your attitude ;) You will love this shifter!

Improves the feel of the entire drive train with precision short shifts between gears.

2 Choices With Every Order

 Choose Your Rod Color

Choose Your Shift Knob 

NOTE:  #16N can be customized for your year VW

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  • Year/Date vehicle made:
  • Model # shifter rod:
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the Left ball for buses before 1960!
Sometimes people change the shift linkage for the standard ball (right (1960-->...))